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How Accident Reconstructionists Help Personal Injury Victims

By Hess & Nghiem on August 23, 2021

In order to recover compensation in a personal injury claim, victims need significant and relevant evidence to show that the at-fault party caused their injuries, whether that is another driver or property owner. Most cases require a detailed report, witness statements, and accident photos or videos to get full compensation, but a skilled personal injury attorney can also work closely with experts to build a case for compensation. One of the most valuable types of experts who can help your personal injury claim are accident reconstructionists.

Who Is an Accident Reconstructionist?

An accident reconstructionist is a specialist who uses their expert knowledge to investigate accidents. These specialists often have a background in STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — which they use to determine how an accident occurred, how severe it was, and who is responsible for it. Some even have a law enforcement or legal background that gave them hands-on experience working on personal injury claims.

Accident reconstructionists are often impartial, working for both the plaintiff (accident victims) and the defense (insurance companies) to provide unbiased reports about accidents, but there are some who work only for one side. In any case, a reconstructionist should provide factual evidence and use state-of-the-art technology to thoroughly investigate an accident.

Their Role in Your Claim

Accident reconstructionists are often employed by personal injury attorneys to help investigate accidents and collect evidence of negligence. Reconstructionists will look at the science behind an accident to determine what went wrong and who is to blame, helping an attorney build a case against the at-fault party’s insurance.

For example, let’s say a driver was passing through an intersection and was T-boned by another car. While a police investigation and witness statements may clearly show that the at-fault driver ran a red light, an accident reconstructionist may be able to determine that the driver was distracted by a cell phone and did not apply his or her brakes until the last minute. This information can help the victim’s attorney show that the at-fault driver acted negligently and is clearly responsible for the collision.

Accident reconstructionists do not only look at car accidents, however, and their expert knowledge is useful for slip and fall accidents and product liability claims. A reconstructionist can look at a victim’s shoes, for example, and use a chemical analysis to show that they slipped on a spilled cleaning product. Or they may be able to recreate a building fire by finding a defect in the building’s heating system.

Based on an accident reconstructionist’s investigation, you may be able to determine:

  • What caused your accident
  • Who is responsible for your injuries
  • How severe was your accident
  • If there were aggravating factors

Nothing But the Best for Our Clients

Our team at HN Injury Lawyers is well versed in investigating accidents throughout Santa Ana and holding negligent parties accountable for our clients’ injuries. We have worked with accident reconstructionists in the past and can provide the same detail-oriented representation for your case. Our Santa Ana personal injury attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience and are dedicated trial attorneys. If you or someone you love was injured in an accident that was not your fault, contact us at (657) 333-5726. We can go over the details of your injuries in a free consultation.

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