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How Landlords Can Be Held Liable for Premises Accidents

By Hess & Nghiem on June 15, 2023

Renters have rights as well as homeowners. If you are renting an apartment or a house, you have the right to live on premises that are safe and well-maintained. Landlords…

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Accidents Waiting to Happen at an OC Gas Station

By Hess & Nghiem on January 17, 2022

A gas station stop is a necessity for those of us with gas-powered vehicles. Gas station owners and operators have a duty to their customers. The area must be maintained…

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Filing an Injury Claim Against an OC Restaurant

By Hess & Nghiem on January 3, 2022

If you or a loved one suffered some type of injury as a patron at an OC restaurant, you can bring a personal injury claim to seek compensation for damages.…

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When Might You Have a Claim for Mobile Home Injuries?

By Hess & Nghiem on November 15, 2021

Orange County has about 250 mobile home parks with close to 65,000 residents, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. The parks vary in the amenities they provide and the…

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What to Do If an Injury Sneaks up on You in a Haunted House

By Hess & Nghiem on October 11, 2021

Haunted houses pop up all over Orange County as Halloween approaches. While a haunted house adventure is fun and exciting, in some cases a night out can turn into a…

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Common Causes of House Fires When Someone Else is at Fault

By Hess & Nghiem on November 23, 2020

All house fires are devastating, no matter what caused them. They can be especially devastating if another party is to blame for the damage they caused. An experienced fire case…

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Slip and Fall Injuries Can be Serious

By Hess & Nghiem on July 13, 2020

While slips and falls are often associated with clumsiness or self-deprecating humor, many are serious. Not only that, many are not the result of clumsiness but instead the result of…

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Common Hotel and Resort Injuries

By Hess & Nghiem on January 13, 2020

When you’re staying at a hotel or resort – even if you’re there for business – you expect to experience a bit of rest and comfort in the process. The…

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