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Fire $7,500,000

Defective Product $800,000

Consumer Fraud $600,000

Rideshare $500,000

Trucking $1,000,000

Auto Case $250,000

Fire $1,500,000

Dental Malpractice $250,000

Fire $1,250,000

Auto Accident involving back injury $250,000

Government Tort Liability $275,000

Auto Case $325,000

Ride Share $200,000

Auto Case $325,000

Rideshare Accident $500,000

Partner at national law firm injured as a result of a rideshare driver’s negligence

Our lawyer client was injured while a passenger in a car driven by a driver using a rideshare app. The client suffered a concussion but unfortunately, the doctors at the hospital misdiagnosed her with only a cervical strain. As such, the rideshare app’s lawyers challenged whether our client had actually suffered a concussion.

We spoke with our client’s friends, family, and colleagues who knew her. We also helped our client consult with top medical professionals, including a board-certified neurologist, without having to pay anything out-of-pocket, who confirmed our client suffered a concussion.

  • Initial Offer: $95,000
  • Settlement: $500,000

Rear-end Accident $500,000

Claim denied because client had significant prior injuries to her neck and low back

HN Injury Lawyers Client Roxanne Discusses Life After a Car Accident

HN Injury Lawyers represented a client who was rear-ended while out shopping with her husband. Nearly 20 years before the crash, the client had major neck surgery and, two weeks before the crash, complained of significant neck and low back pain that prevented her from performing many activities of daily living. As such, the insurance company claimed that the car accident could not have caused our client’s injuries since they already existed before the accident.

To counter the insurance company’s arguments, we sat down with our client and her family to truly understand her story and the impact the accident had on her. We worked with our video production team to create a story to make sense of our client’s life before and after the accident. By putting pressure on the at-fault driver’s insurance company, we were able to recover a significant award for our client.

  • Initial Offer: $80,000
  • Settlement: $500,000

Sideswipe Accident $250,000

Sideswipe resulted in a concussion

Our client was injured after his pickup truck was sideswiped by another car. The client had previously been involved in another motor vehicle accident the year before. In this incident, our client suffered a concussion and his prior neck and lower back injury was aggravated. To evade responsibility, the insurance company argued that the damage to his truck was minor, that his injuries were not serious since he did not go to the hospital, and that his were preexisting injuries. The insurance company initially denied his claim.

  • Initial Offer: 0
  • Settlement: $250,000

Uninsured Motorist Accident $250,000

Uninsured driver caused accident and insurance company claimed the impact was minor

Our client was a passenger in her husband’s car when they were rear-ended. There were three major challenges that we had to overcome: first, there was not much damage to her husband’s car, so the insurance company claimed that our client could not have been hurt. Second, our client did not see a doctor for several days after the crash. And third, the driver who struck her husband’s car did not have insurance.

We immediately retained an expert to extract data from our client’s car demonstrating that the collision between our client’s car and the adverse driver was more significant than what the pictures showed. We also helped our client obtain the necessary care to recover from her concussion and neck injury. Since the at-fault driver was uninsured, we filed a claim with her husband’s insurance since he had uninsured motorist coverage.

  • Settlement: $250,000

Slip and Fall $250,000

After work, client suffered slip and fall injury on water from an industrial floor cleaning machine.

HN Injury Lawyers represented a federal employee who had just clocked out on New Year's Day 2019. As he was walking to his car with a co-worker, the client slipped on a puddle of water and suffered an ankle injury. The water trail had been left by an employee using an industrial floor cleaning machine.

For two years, the insurance company never made an offer. After HN Injury Lawyers took the depositions of most-qualified employees and personnel for the defendants, the insurance proposed mediation. HN Injury Lawyers responded with a demand for $250,000 to compensate their client. Despite the insurance company attempting to negotiate down from $250,000, HN Injury Lawyers refused to accept anything less to compensate their client. The insurance company eventually paid the $250,000.

  • Initial Offer: $0
  • Settlement: $250,000

Rear-End Accident $250,000

High school student rear-ended on New Year’s Eve while on vacation

Our client was on vacation with her family when their car was rear-ended. The client began experiencing concussive symptoms but unfortunately, the symptoms were not documented by the emergency room physician. Our client was in her junior year of high school and was taking honors and AP courses. The client had trouble focusing and concentrating in school due to the concussion. She also experienced sensitivity to light and loud noises, forcing her to quit playing high school basketball. After nearly two years of trying to handle the case herself, the insurance company offered her a max of $6,500 to settle her case. After the client retained our firm, we met with her friends and family and spoke to those around her. We learned firsthand how the concussion had affected our client and how it continued to affect her.

  • Initial Offer: $4,500
  • Settlement: $250,000

T-Bone Accident $250,000

Client was t-boned at an intersection, suffering neurological injuries and back pain

Our client, while returning home from church, was t-boned by another driver. Our client developed lower back pain, dizziness, headaches, and anxiety as a result of her injuries. The major issue with the case was whether the at-fault driver was working at the time of the accident. Through our firm’s investigation and numerous depositions, we were able to establish that the at-fault driver was in fact working at the time of the accident. This opened up a new layer of insurance coverage that allowed our client to be adequately compensated for her injuries. The case settled for $250,000.

  • Initial Offer: $0
  • Settlement: $250,000

Slip and Fall $150,000

Client slipped on wet floor outside apartment, suffering injuries to mid- and lower back.

HN Injury Lawyers represented a client that had been turned away by multiple law firms. The client slipped on water outside his apartment complex, suffering injuries to his mid- and lower back. The water had been left over by an employee of a maintenance company hired by the apartment complex. Both the apartment complex and the maintenance company denied responsibility, claiming that warning signs were posted about the wet floor.

After nearly giving up on his claim, the client retained HN Injury Lawyers. Within a month of trial, partner Ed Hess obtained critical evidence in depositions showing the maintenance company had lied about posting the warning signs. The case eventually settled for $150,000 when no prior offers had been made.

  • Initial Offer: $0
  • Settlement: $150,000

Rear-End Accident $100,000

Husband and wife rear-ended and could no longer participate in dragon-boat racing

We represented a husband and wife who were rear-ended while in stop-and-go traffic on the freeway. Our clients suffered concussions and injuries to their necks and backs that necessitated treatment with a neurologist and a chiropractor. As part of our firm’s strategy, we met with our clients frequently and learned how the accident affected their qualify of life, their ability to work, and their ability to do the things they love and enjoy.

  • Settlement: $100,000 (maximum policy limits) for each client.

Car Accident $100,000

After church, client was a passenger in a friend’s car and a car pulled out in front of them

Our client was returning home from church with a friend when a car blew past a stop sign and cut off their right-of-way. The client suffered injuries to her neck, low back, and left knee. The client required medical treatment, including chiropractic treatment, MRIs, and a consultation with an audiologist.

As part of its regular case workup, HN Injury Lawyers sat down with the client to find out more about the accident and how the accident affected her quality of life. Using this information, our team prepared a settlement proposal tailored to the client’s unique circumstances to “tell her story.” HN Injury Lawyers demanded the other driver’s full insurance policy coverage, which the insurance company agreed to pay within 30 days.

  • Initial Offer: $0
  • Settlement: $100,000

Car Accident $75,000

Client sideswiped on freeway, suffering pain to neck, low back, and wrist

Our client was sideswiped on the 91 freeway in Riverside, resulting in pain to his neck, low back, and wrist. Because of the client’s felony record, the insurance company never offered anything reasonable to settle his case.

As part of its workup for trial, HN Injury Lawyers prepared motions to file with the court to exclude evidence of the client’s prior felonies on the basis that the evidence was being used purely to damage the client’s character and was irrelevant to proving who caused the accident and the client’s injuries.

Before the motions were heard, the insurance company agreed to increase its offer to over 10 times the original amount.

Even though everyone prefers a settlement since there is certainty, you still have to demonstrate to the insurance companies that you are willing to go to trial. That’s why it is important to be represented by a law firm with a proven track record of taking cases to trial.

  • Initial Offer: $7,000
  • Settlement: $75,000

Car Accident $75,000

Insurance company claimed preexisting injury and low-speed impact

A client of HN Injury Lawyers was involved in what their insurance company claimed was a low-speed impact. The client had been involved in a prior car accident nearly a decade before, where she suffered a lower back injury that required chiropractic treatment and a lumbar facet block injection. Based on these facts, the insurance company never took the case seriously.

After HN Injury Lawyers filed a lawsuit, the insurance company paid $75,000 to settle the case within weeks of trial.

  • Initial Offer: $9,000
  • Settlement: $75,000

Rear-end Accident $50,000

Claim denied because of little visible damage to client’s car

HN Injury Lawyers represented a client who was rear-ended. The insurance company agreed that their driver caused the crash but refused to accept responsibility for our client’s injuries to his neck and low back. The insurance company claimed that our client could not have possibly been hurt because there was not much cosmetic damage to our client’s car.

At our firm, we have a policy of never judging a book by its cover, so in response, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of our client. After depositions, the insurance company paid $50,000—the maximum amount of their driver’s insurance policy to settle the case.

  • Initial Offer: $0
  • Settlement: $50,000

Uninsured Rear-end Accident $20,000

Client was rear-ended and received 3 months of chiropractic treatment

Consistent with our mantra that no case is too small for our firm to consider, HN Injury Lawyers represented a client who was rear-ended on the freeway and suffered a back injury for which she saw a chiropractor for 3 months. The at-fault driver did not have insurance, but our client had uninsured motorist coverage, so she was able to file a claim with her own insurance company. However, the insurance company refused to offer anything more than $2,500. Not willing to accept anything less than the best for our client, we presented the case before a retired judge in arbitration, who awarded our client $20,000.

  • Initial Offer: $2,500
  • Settlement: $20,000