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Today, boats are considered more recreational vehicles than modes of transportation, but they are still dangerous machines that require responsibility and full attention to operate. The waterways of California are now back up to normal levels after a long drought. The rivers and lakes will be very busy with boats again. Anytime usage of waterways is on the rise, we can also expect boat accident occurrences to be on the rise along with it.

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Negligence and Boat Accidents

It is important to know that anyone who operates a boat with negligence is responsible for their actions. Everyone on the river or lake is just out to have a fun time. No one is intending to harm anyone or cause an accident, but operating a vehicle comes with a level of respect and responsibility that must be adhered to. A boat is a vehicle with the power to cause accidents, injuries, and even deaths. Operating a boat comes with rules just like operating any other vehicle. Intoxicated operation of a boat is illegal and dangerous. It is called Boating Under the Influence. There are major consequences to BUI and, unfortunately, it is a common cause of boat accidents. There are many other rules that must be respected and obeyed.

When boat accidents do happen, people get injured and can drown as a result. Boats get damaged and need repair. Hopefully, the authorities and emergency medical services will be nearby to help you with the immediate needs, but after those are taken care of, who will be responsible for figuring out how you are fairly treated for negligent operation of another boat? How will you learn about all of your rights as a boat operator or a passenger on a boat? How will you know who is actually responsible for your accident and injury? Boat accidents are just as serious as any other vehicle collisions.

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Contact a Boating Accident Lawyer Now

Make sure to contact a Santa Ana personal injury attorney as soon as possible in a boat accident to protect your rights in a boat accident for damages or injury.

If you were injured in a boat accident in Orange County, HN Injury Lawyers can assess your situation to recoup any damages, or pain and suffering you have endured. Contact us at (657) 333-5726 for a free assessment of your situation.

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