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A laceration, or cut, is a common injury to get during a car crash, dog bite, or slip, trip, and fall. Lacerations are cuts or tears of the skin caused by a sharp object, such as broken glass, or blunt trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident. Laceration wounds have a wide range of severity from surface to deep and can even be fatal. Long-term effects resulting from certain cuts and lacerations can be difficult. This page gives an overview of laceration injuries. If you or a loved one has suffered cuts or lacerations as the result of an accident in Orange County, please call (657) 333-5726 now for your free consultation with an experienced Santa Ana personal injury lawyer.

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General Information About Lacerations and Cut Wounds

A wound resulting in the splitting or separation of the skin is a laceration. Often in lacerations, the skin or the wound itself is jagged or torn, especially if the cut is caused by a blunt trauma like a fall from a high place. Cuts can also be caused by sharp objects, such as glass from a car wreck. A gash refers to a long or deep laceration, and an avulsion is wound in which the skin tissue has been torn away from the body. Abrasions are the result of scraping, where the skin is separated but not missing.

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Cut Location and Severity

Lacerations can occur anywhere on the body, and this page discusses external, or skin, lacerations. Common lacerations suffered in pedestrian or auto accidents include face, arm, and leg cuts. Facial lacerations can require extensive care in order to minimize scarring and prevent permanent disfiguration. A deep laceration can go through skin, fat, tendons, and muscles, down to the bone. The deeper the laceration, the more serious the consequences, especially if damage has been suffered to the muscle or bone.

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Cut, Gash, and Laceration Wound Causes

The breaking of the skin can be caused by multiple factors. Traumatic injuries nearly always result in some form of cut. The following are accidents which can lead to lacerations with long-term consequences as the result of their severity or location.

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Laceration Symptoms

Usually, it is not difficult to tell if you have suffered a laceration, although other injuries or blood may obscure or distract from the wound. Visualization of the cut skin is usually the first sign. Here are other laceration symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Disfiguration
  • Blood in any amount
  • Exposure of connective tissues beneath the skin, or deeper layers such as muscle or bone
  • Fainting
  • Infection of the wounded area

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Cut and Gash Treatment

Depending on the depth, size, and location of the laceration, treatment varies. The first priority is to halt the bleeding thru the use of pressure or a tourniquet. Other treatments for cuts include the following:

  • Cleaning of the wound to assure proper healing and prevent infection
  • Medication for numbing the pain, including topical or injected
  • Receiving a Tetanus shot in applicable situations
  • Closing the laceration with tape, glue, or stitches. Facial lacerations may require specialized care.
  • Immobility may be required for certain gashes
  • Carrying for the laceration with topical medication and/or appropriate bandage maintenance

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Laceration Complications and Consequences

Without proper initial care and maintenance, lacerations can be fatal. Loss of blood or infection can be life-threatening. Scarring can be debilitating, especially on the face. Here are some potential outcomes of cuts and lacerations:

  • Continued pain
  • Weakness from blood loss
  • Infection, especially in the early weeks, including symptoms such as fever, inflammation, redness, and pus
  • Scarring, including keloids
  • Death from blood loss or infection

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