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I was referred to Phil and Ed by a good friend after my two prior lawyers dropped the ball on my case. I was viciously assaulted at a bar. Phil and Ed took my case on and it was night and day. They stood up for me and kept in regular contact. I never had to guess what was going on with my case. They conducted a thorough investigation and collected crucial evidence that helped prove my case. Initially, the bar refused to take responsibility but eventually the bar relented after the job Phil and Ed did. Ultimately, the case resolved favorably for much more than I expected. Thanks so much again Phil an Ed!

Yelp ReviewsRUDY G.
Bar Assault

Not backing down, Phil and Ed pressed forward and never once compromised our position. After the insurance company kept increasing their offer and wanting us to negotiate, Phil and Ed refused to relent and accept anything less than what we initially asked. Basically, their response each time to the insurance company was pay our original demand or we are going to trial. It worked! Eventually, after bidding against themselves, the insurance company finally offered to pay the original amount we wanted. I couldn’t be more impressed with the way Phil and Ed handled my case. They really stood up for me and took on a case that was by no means a simple one. Thanks again fellas!

Google ReviewsMARK W.
Personal Injury

I can’t say enough great things about Phil Nghiem. He was on my case from the minute I called him. He got things handled from day one immediately and made me feel supported and taken care of. His office staff was the same way, replied to every email immediately and addressed all of my concerns. I got into a car accident and called him, and I am SO GLAD I did. He got me the compensation I was entitled to and fought for me and my well being the whole way through. He took are of everything so that I just had to worry about getting my health back. He and his staff really care about YOU and do not treat you like another name in the book. They help you step by step and always keep you in the loop. I can’t thank him enough for helping me through this excruciating ordeal.

Personal Injury

I would have to Highly Recommend HN Injury Lawyers when other attorneys wouldn't take my case. Phil was the one who took up the fight and got me the settlement that i deserve. I can say honestly if you are looking for a honest professional lawyer I would look no farther.

Google ReviewsDANIEL F.
Premises Liability

They helped me get the amount I deserved from an accident when the other person's insurance wouldn't pay the proper amount. They also made things easy on my side and explained what we needed to do clearly.

Google ReviewsDAN N.
Car Accident

My recent experience working with Phil Nghiem and his team has been very stellar. When I first called Phil to talk about my car accident he was extremely informative and extremely helpful. He picked up my case immediately and went right to work. Within a short time frame he was able to get me the maximum settlement possible and has been available via email, text, and with phone calls. I rarely ever write reviews but I had to find the time to write one for him and his team. A+ experience all around! Thank you Phil for everything, you really made a tremendous difference for my family and I throughout this entire experience. I would highly recommend any and everyone to give Phil a call right away if you have any questions regarding your accident or case. I can assure you that he is professional and top notch. In the future I will definitely be sending friends and family if ever the need his way.

Google ReviewsTYLER A.
Car Accident

I’d like to start off by saying that Phil is incredibly passionate about what he does, he’s very kind-hearted, and he genuinely cares for his clients. I was struck by a hit-and-run driver, who was fleeing from the police in a stolen vehicle with no insurance. Given the circumstances of my car accident, Phil was able to negotiate an incredible sum to be paid out by my insurance. It made my day when he was able to share the news. Most attorneys would have settled earlier in the case for significantly less. Overall, I had a pleasant experience and the end of my investigation was a success. Thank you again Phil, I am eternally grateful for everything that you’ve done for me. PS. Phil’s office is quite the drive for me, but he’s very accommodating and we managed to make things work with EASE. So don’t hesitate to contact him regardless of where you’re from because he’ll take care of you.

Google ReviewsSHAWN N.
Car Accident

Had a rear end accident on the freeway with my kids. One of them had concussion and my other kids had a lot of back pain I myself was not doing so well. Phil helped us with sending us to the right doctors and chiropractor. He took care of our case and were good taken care of. Would definitely recommended him to anyone that is looking for a honest and good lawyer. He always kept me updated with any changes or questions I had on my case he would be the one to personally contact me and answer all my questions. My case is now close and are very happy my kids and I are great with no more back pain. Thank you Phil and staff.

Google ReviewsPAMELA J.

Phillip is an amazing attorney, he was patient and helped me throughout the entire process and answered all my questions and really made me feel good about the decisions we made regarding my case. I 100% would recommend him to my own family.

Google ReviewsANNIE P.

I had a pretty minor accident (rear-ended) back in August so I didn’t even think about contacting a lawyer (bc usually lawyers don’t take small accidents), but the other party’s insurance doesn’t want to pay the full amount of my medical bill since the accident was a minor. So I had to find a lawyer in order to pay at least the medical bill. And this lawyer Phill was just amazing that he would love to help me without getting anything in return, and he did take care of it in about a week, and he even got me some more on top of that. I was just speechless, I don’t know how much I appreciate him!

Google ReviewsBOREUM K.

Mr. Nghiem went out of his way to help me. He certainly knows the law and he does what best for his clients.

Google ReviewsREBECCA E.

My name is Pamela. I can’t express my gratitude for all Phillip and his staff at HN law firm have done for me. Not only did they make sure physically I was taken care of but mentally they kept my mind at ease. Even when I thought I had no chance Phillips team did not give up on me or my case. We got the settlement and I could not thank them enough. Love you guys!!

Google ReviewsPAMELA L.

Phil, was so sweet & charming to me throughout my whole case. No matter my attitude, depression he kept it real and always made sure my needs were met. Thank you Phil for being the best well dressed lawyer :)

Google ReviewsPHONEIX B.

I would highly recommend Phil and HN! I was injured in a car accident on a rainy night on the highway and my car got totaled. I thought I wouldn’t have a case because 911 was not dispatched when I was told they were on their way. I was Injured and suffering. Phil was able to make a case for me and help me walk away with more than I ever thought I would get. I’m so grateful to have found a lawyer who I could trust and know 100% that he is going above and beyond for me. This is my go to lawyer and I would definitely recommend him to friends & family!

Google ReviewsALEX AND DYLAN E.

I had a great experience with Phillip Nghiem. He was very professional and helpful, made the process very smooth. I would recommend Phillip to every friend and family member. Helped me in every way possible that you could imagine. Thank you so much for all your help!!

Google ReviewsLUIS C.

I was involved in a multi-car collision on the freeway. A friend of mines recommended Phil to assist me on my case. Immediately, I met with Phil and quickly began the process where Phil and his team guided me along the way. I was kept well informed during the process and Phil and his law firm was always quick to answer any of my concerns. I was very pleased with the service and outcome. Definitely recommend!

Yelp ReviewsJERRY S.

I'm very impressed and very blessed to have been pointed in the direction of Phil and his team! I was having trouble with my previous attorney and made the decision to switch! I was with ... (do NOT recommend) for nearly 2 years and was told I had about 4 months left until the settlement was complete, meaning I would have to pay my medical bills. It took phil and his team about 3 weeks to get me taken care of. He kept me updated every step of the way and explained everything in a way to where I understood it. He was able to get my bills paid and put some cash in my pocket. Most importantly he saved me from lots of stress and debt. I cannot thank him enough for all the help he has given me.

Yelp ReviewsAMANDA P.

Hands down the best lawyers I've had. Phil is accessible and attentive to every need and questions I've had. He listens to any kind of communication I throw at him, and responds with facts, confidence, and honesty. The team is superb with their communication and are on top of completing tasks. They made my dr appointments, were able to retrieve my police report (from my accident) when they were being difficult, and had great referrals to alternative health care providers upon request. They've made a difficult time into a manageable and hopeful time. I can honestly say because of them, I am healing and they are making it as simple as possible.

Yelp ReviewsLEXUS R.

I am very impressed with his work. I had several accidents in the past, but all the attorneys I hired were really bad. I had a hard time communicating with them, works are delayed all the time, and never on time. But this guy, Phil is always sharp, passionate, and cares about how I feel physically and emotionally after the accident. He is the only one who truly asked me questions about my feeling. Also, His work was phenomenal and unexpected. I got compensated more than I deserved. He is much different than others. I am recommending Phil to all my friends and family. Thank you Phil for helping me and understanding me so well. You are the best!!

Yelp ReviewsTED L.

Atty Phil and his staff are not your stereotypical lawyer office - they all are extremely personable, approachable and care about not only your case but you as an individual. I really felt respected and supported. They were always transparent, very knowledgeable, quick to respond and highly professional. I'm almost sad that my case is now closed because I won't have the interaction with these people that I've come to think of as my friends and allies. I recommend Atty Phil and this office 100% and would send my family members to them in a heartbeat.

Yelp ReviewsPINKY M.

Phil and his firm have been nothing but helpful throughout this tedious process with my auto insurance. From the beginning, Phil explained in details the entire process and walked me through every detail of my case against my auto insurance carrier. His firm consistently updated me on the progress and we're quick to answer any questions and concerns I had. After several months, my auto insurance company offered me a very minimal amount to settle the case, however, Phil fought for me and was able to get me five times their initial offer. I am extremely happy and grateful to have found a firm that actually cares about their clients.

Yelp ReviewsSONNY P.

I would 100% recommend HN Injury Lawyers. Philip was the one who helped me and he was very helpful with my case! I really didn't think I had one but he assured me that he would fight for me and get me what deserved! He was so communicative throughout the entire process and explained everything that was going on so I wouldn't be confused. His team is very responsive and he is always available to answer questions. Philip and his team work very well together and have really helped me out with my case when I feel like I didn't have anything.


God is good and always faithful. My wife and I are very happy that my brother-in- law recommended Ed, Phil, and the entire law firm. They are professional, dependable, reliable, and trustworthy. They are God sent. My wife and I didn't worry about anything regarding our case; we know that we are in good hands. In life you will meet different kinds of people. And sometimes you find yourself in a situation beyond your control. If you are seeking legal assistance and need someone that will not advice you something they would not do themselves, count yourself blessed because they're it.

Yelp ReviewsMYRON M.

I was involved in a rear end accident and was referred to Phil from my chiropractor. Honestly I was nervous to take on an attorney because I was already overwhelmed by everything involving the accident but Phil really put me at ease. He took the time to explain things to me in a way I could understand and wasn’t pushy at all for me to hire him. I’m really glad I chose Phil because I literally didn’t have to worry about anything after that meeting. He set me up with one of his associates named Bri and she was always so quick to respond whenever I had questions. On top of that they worked hard to reduce my other fees and got me a nice settlement too! I’m thankful for all the help they provided and will definitely use them again if I ever need it.

Yelp ReviewsYEN P.
Car Accident

I’m so glad I hired Phil to help me after my car crash. My car was totaled after a driver ran a red light and struck me. For days, I didn’t have a car to get to work and school. Finally, I decided to hire an attorney and eventually found Phil. He immediately got to work. My accident happened at an intersection where there was a restaurant. Phil personally went out to the restaurant and obtained video footage that captured the crash showing that I was not at-fault. I couldn’t believe that he actually did this. He then helped me get into a rental and get medical treatment. I am completely satisfied with Phil. He truly went above and beyond to get me through this difficult time in my life.

Google ReviewsRICHARD B.
Car Crash

Last year I was involved in a car accident that wasn’t my fault, I right away called Phill Nghiem and he walked me thru the steps. My vehicle was fixed right away. I was even surprised how fast my vehicle was fixed . Phill right away got me therapy with a professional therapist provider. My case was settled fast and received what I was deserved . With phill moving fast and working with my insurance , I received my compensation right away. I highly recommend PhillNghiem with my friends and family. You will not be disappointed.

Yelp ReviewsFERNANDO G.
Car Accident

Phil Nghiem from PBN Law Group is a genuine, sincere and credible lawyer. It was a privilege to have him represent my case, and to have a positive end result. We all know the stress and strain that comes along with lawsuits, and having someone who you can trust is important. Trust Phil, he won’t disappoint you. I am so fortunate to have found a lawyer who makes you feel safe, and secure. I am free of pain and fear! Keep my word.

Google ReviewsKATIE N.
Case Resolution

Extremely recommend Attorney Phillip Nghiem, Esq for any auto accident case. Unfortunately me and my father got into an auto accident by a drunk driver. Was a very scary situation where we were both lost and confused. During that week I kept getting calls from auto insurance and it was very stressful. Got referred over to Attorney Phil, gave office a call and staff is the best as soon as I called, I received a call back from attorney Phil the same day and took my case. He handled my case in such a professional manner and Bri is great in keeping in touch with us clients to let us know status on case that way we dont loose track on where our case is going. Totally recommend them!!

Yelp ReviewsLAURA A.
Car Accident

Wonderful caring law firm i dont know what i would of done without them PHIL and his staff were there for me every step of the way making sure there client was safe and secure and help me through alot of sad moments thank you is not enough for what you did for me from the bottom of my heart.

Google ReviewsHEIDI H.
Case Resolution

A++++!! Phil (working with Brian my other attorney) turned a lawsuit against me by an unscrupulous lender into a settlement in my favor! Not only did I get my money back but various damages and a clean credit report! These are good, honest law ninjas! I can’t say enough great thing about them specifically Phil and Brian!

Yelp ReviewsSIMON D.

I would definitely recommend H & N lawyers to anyone and everyone out there. They are completely the best attorneys for your personal injury cases hands down. They have helped me with my case due to an injury from an automobile accident in 2018. They are all very patient, kind, understanding, caring, and they absolutely do the best job. If you have a personal injury case, these are your go to people. Shout out to Phil, Jen, and Bre, thank you so so much for all of your help and taking the time to care for all of your clients.

Yelp ReviewsANGELICA Z.
Car Accident

My only interaction with Phil was via a phone call and a consultation, but was pleased with my overall interaction with him and his team. I had already done a lot of research, aka googling and reading books, about this particular case prior to our meeting. When I presented our file to him, he was honest and said that a lawyer would likely not be needed in this case. However, he took the time to help me out and give me some advice. I am happy to say that with his help, we won our case! Although I hope to never be in a situation where I would need a personal injury lawyer, I would feel confident and comfortable choosing him to represent me, my family, or my friends!

Yelp ReviewsEUNICE K.

I was referred to Phil by a close friend so I already knew that he was going to be trustworthy. Phil made me feel comfortable during our first encounter. He thoroughly explained the process of my lawsuit and was always available for any questions or concerns. My case settled within 8 months thanks to Phil’s hard work. I will definitely recommend him.

Yelp ReviewsCHACHIS A.

Ed and Phil are knowledgeable, professional, supportive, and honest. They will tell you exactly what is going on in your case in a way that is easy to understand. Car accidents really suck but I highly recommend this law office if you are ever unfortunate enough to get injured in one. Hopefully, you never do, but Ed and Phil are the guys you want to go to when a crash does happen.

Yelp ReviewsHANSON H.
Car Accident

I’m not one to write reviews, but I was so impressed with Phil. I never thought I would need to hire an attorney but when I got rear-ended about a year ago, I found myself needing to hire a lawyer. I tried getting my car fixed and getting into a rental car on my own but the insurance companies made it so difficult. I was already in a lot of pain and had no idea what to do. Phil helped me get into a rental and got my car fixed. He also helped me get the medical care I needed to treat my injuries. Phil’s an exceptional and very caring lawyer. So glad I decided to hire him after speaking to a number of different lawyers. My case ultimately resolved for the max amount and all of my medical bills got paid for. I would completely recommend Phil to any of my friends and family! I really couldn’t be happier. Thanks again Phil!

Yelp ReviewsJENNIFER V.
Car Accident

Phillip has been a very supporting lawyer. He goes in detail on what we need to prepare for the case beforehand. Also he pays for a lot of the fees that normally other lawyers would pass on the cost to clients. He is the only lawyer that suggested we go to trial even though there was risk of losing because he was confident that we would win the case. Most lawyers would probably go for the settlement route as there is less work involved. We eventually won the case and received more compensation than if we would have settled. Big UPs!

Yelp ReviewsJ C.
Case Resolution

I’d have to say this team is the best that I have experienced personally. Deborah and Jennifer kept us in the loop and Phil went to battle for us. I can't thank them enough for the level of service they provided. Everything was excellent.

Google ReviewsMICKEY Y.

I got rear ended and the other driver’s insurance company was unresponsive for months, so I decided to call HN Injury Lawyers. Phillip Nghiem took his time to explain our course of action and build my confidence to have him represent me. Later on, when the other insurance company went bankrupt, Phillip Nghiem didn’t quit. As a matter of fact, he proceeded to take more aggressive action. My case settled faster than I expected. I would highly recommend Phillip Nghiem to my family and friends.

Yelp ReviewsTY T.
Car Accident

Phil is an absolute amazing lawyer. He is very supportive and and helpful throughout the whole process of your case. I highly recommend choosing him as your lawyer because he will be there almost anytime you need an update on your case or just need some information at all. He makes you feel nothing but comfort in the process of you case as well. I would like to thank Phil for the help throughout my case and if I am ever involved in any type of accident of any sort or a friend or family member is, I would not hesitate to give Phil a call!

Google ReviewsJOSH A.

Hey Phil! Wow! It’s Roxanne. I’m so happy. I can’t believe you guys pulled it off. Oh my goodness. I am so excited. You did more than I ever thought was possible, and I want to thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What a good job you guys did, and I just wanted you to know how excited and how happy I am and, you know, your name is going everywhere. Anyway, love you guys, and again, thanks. You did such a great job for us. Anybody needs a lawyer your name is going straight to them. Okay, thanks a lot Phil. Bye-bye.