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Young Scholar Awards

Ed and Phil both understand the role that educational opportunity played in allowing them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Recognizing the importance of education and out of a desire to give back to the community Hess & Nghiem annual/y awards $1000 grants to two young scholars to assist in their ability to achieve their educational goals.

In order to be considered for an award we encourage all students to apply.

Applicants should submit a two page typewritten statement in their own words providing a brief explanation of their background and how they intend to use the award funds if selected.

The statement should also include an explanation of the applicants educational goals and how they believe achieving those goals will contribute to their future success.

Applications should be submitted no later than July 31. Applications can be submitted to: info@hn-lawyers.com

To help combat the ever-growing cost of education,
we’re offering a quarterly scholarship of

The scholarship will be provided to one student who is
enrolled at either a community college or University.
The scholarship will be offered for the spring semester (January)

  • How To Apply

    Community involvement is very important to us. In everything we do, from fighting for he injured to events and charities that help our neighbors, we are determined to help our community any way we can.

    Applications should be submitted no later than July 31, 2020.
    Applications can be submitted to: info@hn-lawyers.com

  • Selection Process

    Submission deadline is July 31st.

Application Guidelines

  • Students must be a Senior in high school and enrolled in a university full-time.
  • Submit a copy of your high school student ID and proof of college enrollment.
  • Winner must provide tax records indicating parent(s) or guardian make less than $50,000 a year.
If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, your application, or the scholarship itself, please contact us today via phone or email.

Bonus Points

Students who give us a social-media shoutout about the scholarship will be credited with one bonus point per social-media channel. The shoutout must be public and include a link to our website and a tag (link) to our respective social media account. Also, please use the hashtag #hnlawscholarship2020 so we can find your account easier.

This is not a requirement and students without Social Media Access will still be considered. Multiple shoutouts within the same Social Media channel are appreciated but will not result in additional points. We will not credit points for channels on which we are not active. Please find a list of our Social Media accounts below.

Shoutouts in Stories are not acceptable as we might not get to them within 24 hours for review.

It should look like this

John Smith

Check out Hess & Nghiem Law’s 2020 scholarship at www.hn-lawyers.com/scholarship .Thank you @Hess & Nghiem


Academic Scholarship Personal Injury Law
Hess & Nghiem Law Office Offer’s Annual $1,000 Academic Scholarship…

Winners to be announced.

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