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Pave Your Way Scholarship 2022

Chasing your dreams is one of the noblest acts you can pursue. It shows your strength of character, your ability to persevere, and your drive to succeed where others have not. But more importantly, when you look back to see how far you have come, you can truly see just how many lives you have impacted and the path you have paved for others. We believe that paving your way in this world means more than just striding forward on your own, and that some of the greatest dreamers fought to improve the lives of their friends, families, and neighbors.

But we also believe that everyone can use a little help on their journey, which is why HN Injury Lawyers is offering one student the chance to win a $1,000 scholarship to the school of his/her dreams. This scholarship is open to high school seniors or current college students from anywhere in the United States who are pursuing a college education. The deadline to apply is April 13, 2022, and we will announce the winner of the Pave Your Way Scholarship on May 11, 2022. No journey starts without taking a huge step, and we encourage everyone who is eligible to apply. You may not even realize that you have already started paving your way.

Scholarship Details

Amount Awarded:
April 13, 2022
Winner Announced
May 11, 2022

Short Essay: 500-1,000 Words


Pursuing a college education and career is a personal journey, but it can often carry an entire community forward with it. When you enter the school of your dreams, you have the opportunity to create a brighter future for yourself and everyone around you. We at HN Injury Lawyers want to hear about why you are pursuing a college degree and how your goals can improve the lives of others. Tell us, in 500 to 1,000 words, why you believe your dreams can pave the way for your friends, family, or community.

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