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How To Tell If the Nursing Home Is Abusing Your Loved One

By Hess & Nghiem on January 20, 2024

Caring for our elderly loved ones is a priority, and ensuring their well-being in a nursing home setting is crucial. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse is a disturbing reality that requires…

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How Serious Falls Occur on Construction Sites

By Hess & Nghiem on January 10, 2024

Construction workers face significant—often life-threatening—hazards in their line of work. One of the most severe hazards is the ongoing risk of serious falls. Addressing the serious issue of construction site…

California Bike Lane Laws and Their Impact on Liability

By Hess & Nghiem on December 29, 2023

Bicycling is a popular and eco-friendly mode of transportation in California. Cycling comes with its own set of rules and regulations for the safety of bike riders and others on…

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Common Types of Defective Products That Can Cause Accidents

By Hess & Nghiem on December 14, 2023

Consumer protection is a key aspect of product liability. Manufacturers must be held accountable for ensuring their products are safe for use. When defective products enter the market, they pose…

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How Amazon’s Delivery Policies Create Dangerous Situations

By Hess & Nghiem on November 20, 2023

Amazon, a retail giant that’s become an integral part of our lives, operates on an astonishing scale. In 2021, Amazon Logistics delivered approximately 4.75 billion packages in the United States…

How Much Do Personal Injury Attorneys Actually Cost?

By Hess & Nghiem on November 10, 2023

When you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, seeking legal representation is crucial to help you seek the compensation you deserve. However, it’s essential to know how Santa Ana…

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What if You’re Injured in Your Friend’s Car?

By Hess & Nghiem on October 15, 2023

As a passenger in a car accident in California, you may be wondering about your rights and compensation. At HN Injury Lawyers, we understand the complexities of being involved in…

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Dangers of the Road Only Motorcycles Face

By Hess & Nghiem on October 5, 2023

Motorcycles come with many advantages, including the exhilaration of the open road. However, they also come with inherent risks that make them more dangerous than cars. Motorcycles are smaller and…

Why Is California’s Road Quality So Dangerously Poor?

By Hess & Nghiem on September 8, 2023

As Californians, there is so much to be proud of in our beautiful state. However, the condition of our roads continues to attract many negative comments from locals and visitors…

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Do “Beware of Dog” Signs Affect Dog Bite Liability in CA?

By Hess & Nghiem on September 1, 2023

California leads the nation in dog bites. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, approximately 560,000 Californians are bitten by dogs every year, and around 112,000 of these victims seek…

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