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How Truckers Put Other Drivers at Risk

By Hess & Nghiem on March 1, 2022

Truck drivers play a vital role in the massive supply chain of the U.S. They have difficult jobs, with long, grueling hours on the road, poor diets, inherent risk of…

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Who is Responsible When Delivery Drivers Cause Accidents?

By Hess & Nghiem on August 2, 2021

Delivery drivers are everywhere these days, delivering prepared meals, groceries, clothing, and everything imaginable. It is rare to venture out onto the streets and freeways in the Santa Ana area…

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Truck Accidents Aren’t Always on the Highway

By Hess & Nghiem on April 20, 2020

When people think of truck accidents, they mostly think of 18-wheeler tractor-trailers and interstate highways or other major roads. They might not give much thought to the roads in their…

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