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Were You Injured on a Spring Break Road Trip?

By Hess & Nghiem on April 13, 2020

You were off at college, wherever that was. Spring Break came along, and the COVID-19 lockdowns weren’t widespread yet. You went to Daytona for Spring Break. Or South Padre Island. Or Miami, or Panama City, or to whatever town your friends decided was the top Spring Break destination this year. You went, you partied, you got hurt in a traffic accident. Or maybe it was some other kind of accident, but you got hurt – not too bad, hopefully – and now you’re at home, recovering from your injury and looking at medical bills. Now might be a good time to consult a Santa Ana car accident attorney.

Traffic Accidents Happen Even on Spring Break – Maybe More


Just because you’re on Spring Break does not mean that you are immune to accidents happening. That might be especially true about traffic accidents. The reputation for Spring Break involving the consumption of alcohol is largely well deserved. Florida officials, for instance, encourage college students to spend Spring Break in Florida but caution them that Florida police will be in heightened enforcement mode for alcohol-related offenses, especially drunk driving.

The reality is, Spring Break is a multi-billion dollar industry nationwide that involves millions of college students. They spend money on travel, accommodations, food, and, yes, alcohol. While that spending is a boon to the local economies lucky enough to be Spring Break destinations – sunny and warm, preferably located next to an ocean or the Gulf of Mexico – it also brings law enforcement issues with it, as well as a heightened risk of traffic accidents, apparently.

 A 2014 study found that passenger vehicle fatalities in popular Spring Break destinations were higher than for the same locations during non-Spring Break periods. The study looked at age groups and alcohol involvement, as well. The conclusion, though, was that traffic accidents are more common in Spring Break towns during Spring Break. 

Traffic Accidents Aren’t the Only Danger on Spring Break

There are lots of ways to be injured in an accident on Spring Break that doesn’t involve a car. The hotel or other rental lodging you stay at has to maintain safe premises for your use, including the room and common areas.

Nonetheless, there are a number of potential Spring Break accidents waiting to happen, including accidents in and around swimming pools due to slick surfaces, lack of a lifeguard, or even faulty deck furniture. Slip and falls accidents are another significant hazard, which can occur anywhere on hotel grounds if walking surfaces are not properly maintained and cleaned. Alcohol-related accidents tend to blur the line on liability, but being under the influence of alcohol does not eliminate a hotel or other business establishment’s obligation to provide safe premises.

If You Have Been Injured In an Accident While on Spring Break, Contact the Santa Ana Car Accident Attorneys of Hess & Nghiem

If you were injured in a traffic accident while on Spring break, you should consult a Santa Ana car accident attorney. Even if your accident did not involve a car crash, the attorneys of Hess & Nghiem are ready to help. You can reach us at (657) 333-5726 or through our website.

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