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Meet Our Team

Our team is ready to work with the energy and focus your case deserves.

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Everlyn Reyes

Everlyn Reyes

Everlyn Reyes, a dedicated legal assistant at HN Injury Lawyers, brings a distinctive blend of unwavering responsibility and commitment to our team.

Within our operations, Everlyn expertly manages a diverse set of tasks, from meticulous document preparation to assisting clients with property damage claims. Her proficiency also shines in coordinating medical records, maintaining a digital repository of legal information, and orchestrating our team’s calendar.

Beyond her role, Everlyn finds happiness in culinary pursuits, cherishes family moments, and enjoys many outdoor activities. She’s guided by the quote, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart,” and this outlook extends to her academic accomplishments. She boasts a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, accompanied by an award for having had the best thesis.

Everlyn enriches our team with multifaceted expertise and a dynamic skill set. Her resolute commitment is a pivotal asset in contributing to our success.

Bryan Prado-Lazareno

Bryan Prado-Lazareno

Bryan Prado-Lazareno is an enthusiastic and multi-talented case manager who fulfills a number of different roles at HN Injury Lawyers.

Bryan wears many hats for our team, and he performs all his duties with confidence. Bryan’s responsibilities include managing demand writing, settlement negotiations, pre-litigation cases, and client communication. He also prepares clients for depositions and recorded statements, drafts mediation briefs and objections to subpoenas, assists with discovery for Spanish speakers, conducts intake calls, coordinates sending out referrals from medical providers, and supervises and keeps track of client treatment and communication between the law firm and insurance companies.

Bryan has a wonderful approach to life. He’s guided by the quote: Que sera, sera. (Whatever will be, will be.) Bryan is a proud graduate of Magnolia High School in Anaheim (Go Sentinels!) He earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering at UC Irvine (Go Anteaters!)

Bryan is extremely motivated by everyone in his family, especially his mom. In his spare time, Bryan enjoys active pursuits, including boxing and tennis, as well as more contemplative activities such as drawing and reading.

Bryan is very personable, and he prides himself on taking the time to get to know people and empathizing with them. He describes having an outgoing personality as “a paramount trait in the field of law.”

Ashley Song

Ashley Song

Ashley Song, one of our legal assistants, is an invaluable part of our team at HN Injury Lawyers thanks to her amazing work ethic and irrepressible personality. In our office, Ashley prepares pre-litigation and litigation documents, writes demands, requests medical billings and records, negotiates liens with medical billers, drafts legal documents, and interacts with clients.

Ashley has a positive influence on everyone she meets. She’s able to empathize with and relate to clients and makes the best of every situation she encounters. Ashley says her motivation comes from the outstanding people around her and the important work she does. Friends and coworkers help inspire Ashley to work hard to make her aspirations for the future come true.

Ashley earned her Bachelor of Science at UC Irvine, where she made the Dean’s List. Ashley’s favorite quote is: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Her goal is to become a lawyer, and we know that her talent and dedication will make her an excellent attorney. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys tennis, playing guitar, searching for good food, cuddling with her cat, going to the beach, and painting. She’s a lot of fun to be around and a real asset to the firm.

Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez

Cynthia Sanchez, our receptionist, is a natural organizer who keeps things running smoothly at HN Injury Lawyers.

In addition to greeting visitors, Cynthia schedules phone calls, creates timelines, arranges calendar appointments, communicates with clients, and does administrative work. With her warm personality, Cynthia makes everyone feel welcome and at home when they visit our office. Cynthia is motivated by a strong desire to help our clients feel heard and understood.

Cynthia is dedicated to her family, and she strives to make them proud. During her spare time, Cynthia enjoys painting, reading, going to the gym, and watching movies. In her personal and professional life, Cynthia believes in keeping it real. That’s why she advises everyone to be as you wish to seem.

Cynthia is currently earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at CSU Fullerton. Her background in psychology helps Cynthia approach people on a more personal level. Her deep sense of empathy allows her to connect with people effortlessly, and that’s a wonderful asset to have.

Angela Han

Angela Han

Angela Han, one of our talented legal assistants at HN Injury Lawyers, brings her vibrant energy to the team.

Angel excels in document preparation, claims, processing, client communication, calendar organization, and everything else we hurl at her.

Beyond her legal role, Angela finds joy in vlogging, piano playing, cutting hair, and puzzle-solving. She is deeply motivated by the teachings of Jesus and so infuses compassion into her all her work and interactions.

Angela has a UC Riverside Bachelor of Arts and is contemplating attending law school to further her passion in the field. Her dynamic skills and dedication make her an invaluable asset to our team's success.