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What Is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Dealing with the fallout following an accident can be a complex task to navigate. You’re faced with not only emotional and physical trauma but also often large medical bills, an inability to work for a period of time and numerous other ramifications.

While filing a lawsuit may seem like an extreme and complicated action, it’s important you seek compensation when it is due and justice is served. The Stanton personal injury attorneys at HN Injury Lawyers can help you establish a case and support you through the process.

A personal injury lawsuit deals with the situation of wrongful acts by individuals that cause harm to another. Everyone is expected to display a “standard of care” and take reasonable steps to keep other people safe from harm.

Therefore in the circumstance where someone has been negligent in providing this care and this leads to an injury, room exists to establish a personal injury lawsuit against this person.

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What Are the Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases?

While personal injury lawsuits cover a range of accidents and injuries, the most common situations that establish grounds for an injury claim are:

Car accidents

Car crashes are a very common example. Typically one driver is at fault and this is the person who should be providing compensation.

Truck accidents

While sharing the road with us, truck drivers have certain rules to follow to operate their vehicles safely. When these rules aren’t followed, the fallout can be catastrophic.

Falls/personal injury

Falls are another common example of accidents that cause injury and are especially common with our vulnerable population, including children and the elderly. Unsafe conditions resulting in falls may provide grounds for an injury claim as property owners are required by law to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe condition.

Wrongful death

These claims arise when a person dies as a result of the negligent act of another and are brought by the surviving family of the deceased. Commonly, these cases result from vehicle accidents and unsafe premises.

The most common injuries seen following an accident such as one listed above include:

  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Brain injuries

Yet another type of injury is the “catastrophic injury.” This occurs when a person’s life has been severely affected for the foreseeable future. Examples of these types of injuries include:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Burn disfigurement
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation

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How Is Liability Determined in Stanton Personal Injury Cases?

In a personal injury suit, liability is determined by assessing the negligence of the wrongful party and whether their action/inaction fell below the duty of care owed. This can be split into four elements.

  1. First, the wrongdoer must owe a duty of care, i.e., a property owner owes a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition.
  2. Second, the wrongdoer must be negligent in that their action/inaction fell below this duty owed.
  3. Third, the harm must be compensable.
  4. Lastly, a sufficient nexus/connection must exist between the negligence and the injury that occurred.

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What Forms of Compensation Are Available?

Following an accident that has led to personal injury, numerous forms of compensation are available that HN Injury Lawyers can help you achieve in Stanton. The amount of compensation depends on your personal circumstance and factors such as the severity of your injuries and the degree of negligence. Compensation in general, however, can be split into two categories:

  • Economic damages: These consist of the “monetary” costs associated with your injury, including medical expenses (present and future), property damage and loss of wages (present and future).
  • Noneconomic damages: These consist of the extra “costs” associated with your injury, including emotional trauma and pain and suffering.

It may also be possible to receive punitive damages depending on the amount of recklessness involved in your accident. Here the judge will seek to punish the wrongful party for their negligence.

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What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Stanton Lawyer Instead of Accepting an Insurance Company’s Offer?

In order to give yourself the best chance at establishing a successful personal injury claim, we recommend you employ an attorney to guide you through the process and ensure you have established the correct elements and receive the maximum compensation possible in your circumstance.

Lawsuits often seem overwhelming and complex, hence it’s in your best interest to speak to the team at HN Injury Lawyers as soon as possible. Your insurance adjuster can try to get you to sign away your rights in an attempt to save money; therefore, it’s important to speak with a Stanton lawyer to assess the details of your accident and determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit in which you could receive more than what your insurance company is offering.

Get in touch with the dedicated Stanton personal injury lawyers at HN Injury Lawyers at (657) 333-5726.

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